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from within



Who we are


Boutique Organization & Leadership Development Services Company


Dubai based, Glocal Perspective. 50 years of Collective Experience in Company & Employee Development


Human Centric, People Obsessed Team. We use Learning Experiences to Transform People & Prepare Them for Life


Collaboration with Shell (Abu Dhabi), Emirates Steel, UAE Prime Minister's Office and more

What makes us different

We prepare Your Company & its Employees for Life

Internalized Reinforcement through Repetition

We are Obsessed about Your Success

More than Fifty collective years of experience in Executive Coaching, Employee & Organization Development in Multinational / Multi Cultural Environments

We think commercially, with our hearts

We sweat over the little details, research and studies that most people find boring

We think long term. We want to work with you  and partner for growth

We are your trusted advisor and sounding board

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