Affirmations in Arabic

Affirmations in Arabic

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Organizations today need everyone to bring their ‘A’ game.

The Worldclass Culture Catalyst Program creates positively charged leaders to pilot the way forward.

Convert Challenges into Opportunities


a Cohesive Team

Boost Proactivity

and Efficiency


Challenging times (like the pandemic and subsequent layoffs) put a lot of stress on the Leadership Team and workforce, resulting in:


  • Shutting down of certain business operations

  • Poor cashflow

  • Sacrificed future investments and opportunities

  • Mass layoffs

  • Compromised customer service

  • Increased levels of stress, burnout, and insecurity

  • Declined job performance

  • Communication disruption

Organizations and leaders cannot succeed in such conditions.

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The World-Class Culture Catalyst Program is an immersive, experiential program designed with practical tools and insights for leaders. The clarity and alignment they gain help create positive energy and long-lasting, measurable business results for your organization.

Lead Change from Within.


Here is how The Worldclass Culture Catalyst Program will empower your leadership team, transform mindsets and make positive change happen for your organisation.

  • Leadership and influencing skills

  • Agility in managing and adapting to challenges

  • Resourcefulness and out-of-the-box thinking

  • Self-motivation and resilience in adversity

  • Organizational thinking and harmony in execution

  • Individual responsibility and ownership

  • Persistent focus on excellence and clear communication

  • Collective Focus, Collective Success

  • Synchronicity and harmony across the organization

Are you a proactive leader?

How dependent are you on your team?

What does excellence mean to you?

How much influence do you wield on your team?


Invest just 10mins and discover how are you contributing to the culture of your organisation.


Organizations need to drive a unified focus and continuous momentum for excellence.


Here is how we work with you:



We understand your organization's vision & goals, and evaluate employee psychometrics. 



Our customized program will inspire the leadership team with insights, clarity and alignment.



Your team makes positive strides to success with long-lasting, measurable business results.

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Leadership Team

C-Suite Executives


12 individuals




On-site: 4 hours/3 days

Off-site: 2 days 1 night 

We need leaders who can communicate a clear vision and strategy, drive change, and sustain an innovative, high-performance culture.


Interested to know more on how your organization can benefit from

The Worldclass Culture Catalyst Program?

Schedule a no-strings-attached discovery call with the program creator Coach Mais Alhasan to know more.


The way your management and employees think, feel and act plays a big role in determining how well your organisation will perform and grow.