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Jose has Twenty-Six + years of Experience in the area of Employee and Organization Development. The focus throughout the career has been to “turn talent into performance while staying customer focused, socially responsible and profit driven”. The four main service areas were:

  • Ensure that Client facing results that are produced by people - intensive processes are managed well, produce error free results consistently and don’t get in the way of growth. This includes ensuring the human asset is kept sharp, empowered and productive in an enabling environment

  • Help organizations match people to a vision, hire for capability, nurture talent, manage performance, setup a repeatable, compliant procedural frameworks, use technology as an enabler, produce sustainable financial and customer facing results in a time – sensitive, regulated environment

  • Help Identify and remove obstacles to growth (people, process, systems). These include identifying the problem, potential solutions, work with key stakeholders to build/drive culture change, setup functions from scratch that are critical to sustainable results. Outcome includes improving results (financial, customer, employee) in a repeatable and scalable manner (sustainable)

  • Help setup practices that impact ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) or CSR (corporate social responsibility) (Triple bottom line as it is called sometimes – People, Profit, Planet)


Over the last Twenty-Six years, he has served in a variety of capacities in large multinationals and has implemented human development, performance measurement and coaching practices in more than Twenty-Six countries. These include Learning Administration (Learning Operations), Performance (definition, measurement, implementation, evaluation methods), Behavioral Pattern Assessments , Developmental stage evaluation, Competency model design and definition, Leadership Development, Craft of Coaching workshops (all levels) for performance improvement, Human Resources Development (designing Job descriptions, behavioral / technical traits essential for success, conducting assessments (ipsatives, behavioral interviews & tests, documentation) and Instructional Systems Design.

He is well versed in establishing strategy, formulating policies, deriving procedures, and executing them end to end. A majority of these practices were deployed in coordination and alignment with a larger, global framework while keeping it locally relevant and agile. Staying mindful of “re-usability and standardization” where needed, allowing for local needs while managing global expectations were part of the strategy.

A deep background in pure sciences, human behavior, instructional systems design, using technology as an enabler along with an eye for evaluating learning effectiveness across a diverse span of domains helps add value.


He has been pursuing music, books, writing and Martial Arts for the last 26 Years and holds the license of “Moku Roku” (4th degree Black Belt) in an ancient kinesthetic art called Aiki Jujutsu, taught under the wind-storm tradition. Aiki Jujutsu, for those curious, is the art of folding clothes, while people are still in it.

He writes under the pen name “Watashi Wa”, has no social media presence by choice and can be only contacted by talking drums, smoke signals or carrier pigeons.

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