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Call Me Trim Tab!

Designer Buckminster Fuller often used “trim tab” as a metaphor for leadership and personal empowerment. “Call me Trim Tab"- it says so on his Epitaph too.

Trim Tab
Photo Credit: IVAO - International Virtual Aviation Organisation

Wiki says, trim tabs are small extensions found on the outer edges of “control surfaces” of a boat or aircraft. They are used to counteract hydro or aerodynamic forces and stabilize the craft in a desired attitude or position, without the need to constantly apply a controlling force to keep it in that position. With a trim tab, all one needs to do, is adjust the angle of the trim tab relative to the larger surface. Simple? When used correctly, it will allow the pilot of the boat or aircraft to reduce the manual force required to maintain a position till it is practically effortless. So what?

Without trim tabs, pilots are forced to hold the yoke of an aircraft with greater force and need to put in a lot of manual energy and work to keep it stable. That is tiring and the last thing you need is a tired pilot steering the plane. By adjusting trim tabs, on the other hand, pilots can minimize the force acting against the aircraft allowing them to work the yoke steadily and with ease. Trim tabs also protect the aircraft from premature wear and tear. Without trim tabs, aircrafts are exposed to greater stress and pressure during flight increasing the chances of some of the aircrafts components to fail earlier on. A similar concept works on boats. Trim tabs make it easier to have a smooth flight or boating experience without the grind. Does this idea apply to life? We think so.

If we learn how to manage these "little things”, we too can make dynamic adjustments to ourselves -Physically, Mentally, Emotionally to cause transformational results on ourselves and the people around us. This ability is becoming increasingly necessary; to reduce the energy we expend each day to maintain some sense of control and, minimize the unwanted wear and tear such stress causes. This idea applies to individuals, families, teams, organizations and the society as a whole.

Our flagship Learning Experience: the Culture Catalyst Program© (CCP) can help you become a trim tab to transform yourself and positively impact those around you. We use shock & awe, and examples from everyday life to show you how it’s done.

While the program is strongly recommended for C-suites and Upper Management folks, it is equally relevant for current, emerging, future leaders and high potential employees. The details are on our website - Contact us today.


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