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What makes one a Catalyst?

Four attributes separated the Catalysts from the regulars; goodwill and intentions remaining constant:

  • They are Sorted from within. This doesn't mean that they don’t have problems in life. Many of those I know, do. However, they rise about it and it doesn't define them or how they perceive their life and tint their perception of it. They don’t have all the answers but they are solution focused. They pull their weight causing an effortless influence on themselves and others as a natural side effect of the process.

  • They are “Un-attached” from within. Some of those I served with were resilient under incredible circumstances at work and at home. They had a definition of their own selves, how they behaved, their source of self-worth and this inner compass pointed north, no matter what was thrown at it. And this actually made a positive impact on those around them. Remember, detachment is not the absence of attachment. The chair that we sit on, is resting on a floor. The floor supports the chair and your weight on it. The ability to move the chair about is proof of being “unattached”. Some of the one’s I have lived with and served with displayed a depth of engagement that surpasses logic. Their ability to detach, stay detached and engage, made them all the more effective when it came to relationships and results.

  • They are Consistent from within. This ability to look beyond the obvious and engage with purpose -remains constant. It is independent of the time of day or month or the weather. They embody it. And this consistency makes them stand out from the crowd. They become “trustworthy” and people look up to them.

  • They Adapt from within. So, they are not built to last, they are built to adapt and this somehow, makes them last longer… sounds weird? The ability to last is a side effect of that ability to adapt quickly. I am not talking about adaptation in the chameleon kind of way, am talking about the adaptation that comes from being sorted within, being un-attached from within and staying consistent.

Flip these attributes around and you will notice the four attributes of those who destabilize, and not in the decent way. They are messed up within (and proud of it, because they claim to be a “work in progress”), they are clingy and attached (because it is from a good place and promotes co-dependency), they are inconsistent (because it depends on the mood and the situation) and unable to adapt (because, because, because). Listen to their language and watch their actions and they are natural repellents. They also leave a lasting impression… of the kinds you rather not remember, yet, still do.

Are you a Catalyst?

Let’s examine each of those attributes next

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