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Catalytic M@P

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Maps are crucial tools to navigation, and the usefulness of a map kicks in when we know where we are on the map first. This enables what happens next.

Once we know where we are and where we want to go, literally speaking, electronic maps provide near instant options on routes based on traffic, weather conditions, means of transport… etc. and even suggest alternate routes, on the move. Smartphones make it easier; even if we don’t know where we are exactly, it can talk to a satellite in space and geolocate you, when you enable that feature.

Navigating life is a bit trickier although the analogy holds good. M@P for us is an abbreviation of “Me, at Possibilities”. Literally, it’s like standing in front of a fork in a road and examining what lies ahead. During moments of crisis and stress, the road ahead can get clouded and the windshield misty, affecting the path we take and where it leads eventually.

Catalysts use the Big Picture Canvas© and the Five Attitudes as a full-fledged guidance system that functions even in rough weather and sometimes, when “visibility” is compromised. “Uncanny!” you say or even “How is that possible?”. It comes down to our Belief System that’s driving the process and that one moment of realization where you can actually, practically “Catch yourself in thought and you have an opportunity to change the outcomes”. This is one among four crucial Learning Elements that we practice at our workshops. It is transformational when applied; in most situations. It is hindsight that has the best vision and the best learning to offer but that doesn’t solve for life as it emerges unless we learn to apply those lessons.

Real time adaptation is key, no matter how small, it makes the difference. Our approach makes it practical to try and apply. We use a proprietary technique called RAHA to CATCH oneself in thought BEFORE we act. This is part of what we call “Reading a M@P like a Catalyst” at our workshops.

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Our flagship Learning Experience, the Culture Catalyst Program© (CCP), based on two decades of Organizational Behaviour can help you and your Organization transform and deliver long lasting results. There is no quick fix. There is however a method, a process that increases the probability of lasting success.

While the program is strongly recommended for C-suites and Upper Management folks, it is equally relevant for current, emerging, future leaders and high potential employees. The details are on our website - Contact us today.


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