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Social Space: The Working Canvas of the Catalyst


Social Space is the place around us, literally and figuratively, where we interact with others like us. In an esoteric sense, it is the space where our Physical, Emotional, and Mental sides interact with the Physical, Emotional, and Mental sides of others around us and in our lives.

Social Space is at home, on the streets, at the office, and any place that has anyone else in addition to us. It is tangible, it is sometimes virtual. Sometimes, it is even imaginary or imagined. This part is the scary or exciting stuff. It’s alive, it’s solid, it’s real, it’s also total BS and unpredictable and might not even be like we thought or were taught it would be. The only predictable element in all of it (hypothetically), is Us, provided we know ourselves well enough to be predictable. Social Space is also that part of our lives that is assumed, ignored, underrated, overrated, taken-for-granted, frightening, exciting, exhausting and even meaning-giving. It has a huge influence on “what” happens “when” and “how” we engage it. Some of these interactions can be BS altering, BS creating and BS giving. It also has its contradictions. In Social Space, “I understand” doesn’t necessarily mean “I also agree with it”. Compliance does not indicate cooperation or collaboration. Following instructions doesn’t necessarily mean loyalty for life. ‘No’ does not mean ‘Yes’. ‘Yes’ does not mean ‘No’. Silence is not necessarily golden, honesty is not necessarily a policy and curiosity didn’t kill all cats. These are life lessons and sometimes, come at a huge cost to oneself and others.

The tough part to realize, remember, and work with, where we mostly forget or ignore or take for granted, is this: It is no longer about us, in isolation. Social Space has others as well. This is where a real test of character comes into play. This is the space that contains you and others that are there by choice, by force, by ignorance, by inheritance, by co-creation, copulation, serendipity... or just there. Some interactions are evident and some are not.

This is why we think that the Social Space is the “working canvas” of the Catalyst. It is the place where life’s amazing experiences materialize. It is where beliefs are made and tested. It gives us the opportunity to experience success and failures alike. The workplace for example is a good example of Social Space. The benefits of the workplace like financial stability and success arenatural outcomes of how we engage ourselves and our colleagues in the Social Construct of the workplace. Social Space also behaves like a real person and has its special Physical, Emotional, and Mental sides to it. Guess what, sooner or later, the Social Space is ravenously hungry for time and energy: Yours!

Our experience of Life is influenced by the quality of the interactions in Social Space with all the people in it and all the “life” they bring directly and indirectly into it. While we have not much of control on who does what in our Social Space, to a large extent, we can manage ourselves and how we both respond and engage those in it.

How do we treat our Social Space? Do we bring warmth and hope into it or do we take away from it? Do we catalyze those in our Social Space?

Click here to assess yourself.

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