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The Catalyst Attitude #1: Responsibility

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It is easy to get caught up in the urgency, pressure, or heat of the moment and “do what one usually does or is asked to do”. Like Dale Carnegie said “The load of tomorrow, added to that of yesterday, carried today, makes the strongest falter. Why even try it?”.

In our previous article “Belief Systems (BS) and Perceptions”, we spoke about an autonomous system that drives us, sometimes making us do what we usually do and expect different results. There is something or somebody constantly competing for our time and energy each day, and sometimes, it is the loudest noise that gets our attention. Sometimes, we think we are either responsible for everything (because the job title says so or the world says so) or we don’t take responsibility for anything (because our internal stories say so). Between these two extremes, lie the demands on us, and we sway and swing like a pendulum.

Is there an alternate path? Yes. We call it the Way of the Catalyst© and it is the core process in our flagship program (Culture Catalyst Program©).

Catalysts, firstly, take responsibility of themselves, before anyone or anything else. This lies at the basis. Loosely put, it means “Get your s### together”. It’s at that point when it’s no longer about “my parents did this to me” or “my boss did this to me” or “you are doing this to me” or “the world is doing this to me” or “I have no choice, somebody has to do this”, boo hoo.

Responsibility” as a Catalytic Attitude is “taking charge of inner thoughts, emotions, and stories”. From this state of internal alignment and catalytic thinking, comes actions that produce focused intentional impact. To some extent one might say that it is “Doing guided by Catalytic Thinking, and Thinking refined by Catalytic Doing©”. When one makes this a way of life, there comes a time when the lines that separate these two converge to become one and then it is the flow… The person radiates “Responsibility in Action”. Catalysts radiate that but yeah, they sort themselves first. So how does a Catalyst approach this innocuous word “Responsibility” that puts people in a tizzy at the very mention?

Catalysts do three things that separate them from the rest:

  1. They sort the self-talk & stories, their present emotional state and the impact it is having on them (What action is it invoking in them? Or what does it make them do?). They examine all of this internally.

  2. They select the emotion or narrative that is necessary based on a Big Picture for that occasion.

  3. They make a choice; a life affirming choice right there and take timely action.

Point #3: That’s the deal maker. That combination of life affirming choice combined with timely action kicks off the process that Catalyzes everyone else and everything else into motion. What’s more, those choices are what’s visible on the outside. It is what we look at and determine ultimately if it was an act of “Responsibility” or not, inspired by an internal compass or the victim of internal combustion. It is as simple as making a choice that lines up with the Big Picture and then acting on it, in a timely manner. Sometimes, you might be required not to do anything. It still counts, if that is the direction that aligns with the Big Picture.

For a Catalyst, taking ownership of oneself first comes naturally and then they determine how that can translate into “Responsible” decisions, actions and choices that are executed effectively. The guidance comes from within. At the Culture Catalyst Program©, we use a proprietary process abbreviated as “RAHA” designed to help one during times of joys and sorrows, triumphs and trials, to help navigate through the most confusing of internal narratives to an outcome that stays coherent. We also use a guided process of arriving at a Big Picture for oneself that we call the Big Picture Personal Canvas© aligned with the Way of the Catalyst© to serve as the guidance system for everyday life.

What is your personal definition of “Responsibility”? (free from any hand-me-down BS)

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