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The First Attribute

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Catalysts are Sorted from within.

What does it mean to be “Sorted”?

Here is what we discovered about the Catalysts.

From the moment they somehow realized that they could make changes within themselves, no matter how slow and how tiny the result was going to be, they took ownership first of themselves (Responsibility) and that was the first step. They rewrote the narrative inside their heads (as good as re-writing beliefs), moved to take action and didn’t need to be told or reminded (Proactivity), worked well with those around them (Interdependence, a balance of sharing and receiving with harmony and respect), were gentle and decent with people around by choice (Influence) and set standards for themselves and used that definition to decide what they needed to think like, feel like and do, to stay true to their own standards (Excellence). They stayed consistent.

They also produced outrageously good results. The standard they followed and the guidelines they used to navigate the uncertainty of life was what they re-wrote for themselves to withstand changes and the passage of time and circumstances. This doesn't mean that they didn't have problems in life. Many of those I know, do. However, they rose about it and it didn't define them or how they perceived their life and tint their perception of it.

All these people had their share of problems in life to deal with, from all sides. Some struggled from their childhood, and yet, what made them stand apart was how they went about dealing with that aspect, in themselves and the people around them. They didn't have all the answers but they were solution focused and pulled their weight causing an effortless influence on themselves and the others, as a natural side effect of the process.


That was Attribute # 1: Catalysts are “Sorted” from within.

Are you Sorted?

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