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The Second Attribute

Image credit: Creative Commons

Catalysts are "Un-attached" from within.

What does it mean to be "Unattached"?

Here is what we discovered about the Catalysts.

Some of those we served with were resilient under incredible circumstances at work and at home. They had to face personal tragedies and loss. Despite all the stuff life threw at them, they define their attitude. Like water off a duck’s back, adversity rolled off without leaving cynicism or bitterness in its wake. They had a definition of their own selves, how they behaved, their source of self-worth and this inner compass pointed north, no matter what was thrown at it. And this actually made a positive impact on those around them.

Detachment is not the absence of attachment. The chair that we sit on, is resting on the floor. The floor supports the chair and our weight on it. The ability to move the chair about is proof of being "unattached". Some of the one’s I have lived with and served with displayed a depth of engagement that surpasses logic. Their ability to detach, stay detached and engage, made them all the more effective when it came to relationships and results. The "attachists" on the other hand, the clingy ones who used attachment as a means to define love, loyalty and commitment consistently ruined it for themselves and others - at work and at home. It came from a good place… the outcome was otherwise.

That was Attribute # 2: Catalysts are "Un-attached", from within.

Are you “Unattached”?

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