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The Third Attribute

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Catalysts are Consistent.

What does it mean to be “Consistent”? Here is what we discovered about the Catalysts...
Let’s examine a situation that can be extrapolated a bit around the edges.

I had a bad day at work, I take it out on my family members or kids (or whoever “gets it from me”) as a means of expression. They feel bad, they suck it in “understanding my situation” and respond in a certain way. Then I feel bad later and apologize and make up for my outburst in some manner. I rationalize for why I did what I did. I apply a metaphorical band-aid and do things to placate them. Depending on how much time I have spent with them, I have an idea of what works and what doesn’t and eventually when they seem okay, I assume all is well.

This seems like a normal thing to do. I’ve seen it happen at work and at home. Some folks retaliate in their own way, some become passive-aggressive and some shut off completely. My mood determines what I do and when. Because, it is not about me… I was helpless… and I had no choice… and it’s because of the circumstances. I think I am honest, consistent and generally a nice person. What I don’t see, is that I have slightly contributed to the systematic deterioration of that relationship. I keep doing this because they respond with what I think seems okay.


There is a phrase in a certain part of the world that goes “Children’s minds are like wet cement. Even a touch leaves an impression”. Same for grown up’s too?

We measure ourselves by what we can do or are going to do. The ones around us measure us by what we have already done.

When it came to the amazing ones we called Catalysts, their ability to look beyond the obvious and engage with purpose -remained constant. They were unattached and this helped them rise above circumstances. Their response was independent of the time of day or month or the weather. They embodied it. And this “consistency” made them stand out from the crowd. They became “trustworthy” and people looked up to them.
That was Attribute #3: Catalysts are “Consistent”, from Within.

Are you “Consistent”?

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