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Coach Mais Alhasan PCC

Strategic Leadership Coach
Certified Strengths Strategy Coach
Certified Public Speaking Trainer
PSYCH-K Master Facilitator
Inspirational Speaker

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PSYCH-K Free Your Mind - Transparant Log
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from within

A Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, she employs a range of skillset in her sessions, acquired by constantly learning and unlearning techniques that help her understand and facilitate shifting the habits of the human mind, create the conditions for mental health and emotional stamina leading to unlocking the client’s inner power.


Working together, her clients are able to reset their preconditioned mind to successfully create meaning and harmony in their personal lives and in their organizations. They are then fueled with renewed energy that propels them to action naturally and effortlessly.

"Do not wait until the conditions
are perfect to begin.
Beginning makes the conditions perfect."


Schedule a free 20-minute introductory session with Mais.

You don't need a Life Coach

Clear your mind, mute the distractions, focus and you will hear a voice within.

One that guides you in making decisions, choices and lights up your path ahead in life. I call this - our Inner Coach.


Growing up, I had a strong sense of righteousness, between the unquestionable integrity of my dad and the unwavering determination and perseverance of my mom. Everything was black or white, grey wasn’t an option. You could either be doing good or bad, honest or lying, getting the job done or not. Then, a few years into adulthood I felt confused - What is good anyway? What defines it? Should it only serve others or can I be included too? What do I choose when my good serves others but hurts me emotionally and mentally? 


Trying to suppress this predicament, I went on to paint my life into a fairytale of sorts - A successful marriage, four beautiful children, a fulfilling career, a 5-star world traveller, feeling abundant in every way. But, even though I had many reasons to feel on top of the world, I was losing touch with my inner peace. I started feeling guilty for not feeling happy with all that I was and all that I had. One day, I just lost my power to hide, conform or fit in, and just like being on a truth serum, everything that I was concealing inside, came out.


It was a big relief. I felt light inside for the first time in my life and it started a new journey. A journey of letting go of the life I had planned for, and diving into the unknown for a new future of my own conscious design. And, like any change, it presented itself with a storm. But, besides the loving support of family and friends, I had my Inner Coach with me which helped me through a successful divorce, shifting careers, learning to be single again, standing alone, starting a new business - all the way looking forward with my head held high, my feet on the ground, and my heart at peace.


My life changed when I stopped looking for answers and started to ask the right questions. I still don’t have all the answers in my own life, and definitely none for anyone else’s. I just ask the right questions now for clarity to unfold and inner wisdom to blossom.


Looking back, going through the inevitable storm was scary, full of uncertainties. It was tough! But living with a mask was way tougher.


Where am I today?

Every night as I'm falling asleep, I think to myself “heaven couldn’t be better than this!”. And every morning I wake up excited for the day and what it is bringing my way. “Living in bliss” is what I would call this phase of my life. In moments of doubt, I silence the noise around me and tune in to my Inner Coach. It always provides what I'm ready for. EVERY TIME.


Remember, this is not about positivity or looking at the bright side in every situation. It’s about TRUST, seeing the value and the beauty in all things, wanted and unwanted. Trusting that it’s all in service and that each one of us has an Inner Coach for guidance, with love.

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"Mais turned one of the most stressful times in my life into one of the most meaningful experiences."

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