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Mais turned one of the most stressful times in my life into one of the most meaningful experiences. After the first session, I immediately saw a different perspective. By the end of the process, I had been blessed with a connection that is 'in the world but not of the world'. Mais's toolbox is well stacked with her life experience, career and training. I believe her ability to mold all of this together, in service of client needs, is rooted in her commitment to serve her clients while seamlessly delivering on her life purpose.


The best decision of my life! Being coached by Mais has been life changing for me. A huge transformation. I feel my best emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and even physically! I was able to heal wounds that were hiding as patterns. My perspective on life, people, myself, challenges… (and so much more) have tremendously shifted. This shift has allowed me to make clear & conscious decisions that lead me to a job I enjoy & love, a beautiful relationship, a positive outlook on life, and I’ve never been more peaceful, happier, or more confident than I am and continue to be. The sessions equipped me with knowledge and tools that I use every single day, and I definitely recommend that you try it! You can change your life too.


Sometimes life leads us to unexpected situations when we need some external help for our mind and spirit. Last year, I faced something like this and I found help with Mais Alhasan in Dubai. She helps me a lot and I thank God to put her in my way.


I went to Mais during a very tough time in my life when my company was struck by the pandemic, I was letting go of a lot of people, which affected me personally and professionally, and I was at a low ebb. She helped through her various methods, understand how life has various facets and how working on yourself is most important. It was, in many ways, a transformative experience and I found myself uplifted on a higher place across personal, professional, spiritual, self, and creative outlets.

S. S. - UAE

Working with Mais has been like a rebirth of a better version of me on a lot of dimensions: psychological, emotional, and mental. It enabled me to analyze and locate where I stand, become more aware of myself, connect with my feelings/emotions, get more conscious about my brain and how I think, take better control of my reactions, eliminate unnecessary noise in my life, have a clear development about what I want to do and how to do. Mais helped me unleash the beast within and evolve into the invincible version of myself.

A. R. - UAE

A rewarding coaching journey, Mais creates a challenging yet safe space to tackle personal leadership challenges. The journey enabled me to reach higher leadership frontiers by realizing my potential. I would highly recommend Mais Le leaders who are ready for their next leadership move.

Z. A. - UAE

I met Mais after a tough break up that was leading me to a desperate end. She introduced me to meditation which was the beginning of my emotional transition and healing; and to PSYCH-K for an emotional transition to a painful past. It also helped me 'download' positive thoughts to my subconscious mind. With Mais, I started to develop a connection with my inner being, and a place of serenity that I could run back to anytime; which still help me surpass many tough situations.

G. H. - UAE

Mais sessions were extremely valuable. She gave me the right support and the reassurance I needed, to believe in myself and in my abilities. Through her exercises I gained confidence and clarity I needed to move forward. They made me become more aware of who I am. Through our work together, I learned to fully embrace myself and also love myself, both - my dark and bright sides.

M. A. - UAE

Working with Mais, I have seen so many parts of my life improve, from work, relationships, career and future. I have worked with many coaches and counsellors before, but I have not seen someone who understands me as Mais does and who is as effective. She has taught me so many techniques to handle challenges, stress management, handling difficult conversations. She brings so many different perspectives into each session and I am just very thankful to have found her.

A. M. - UAE

Mais has guided me into my truth, my strength, my path; and how I can use my strengths wisely, sometimes even via our weaknesses. She allows you to grow and expand and find your highest potential and be the best version of yourself. It can be challenging as your highest potential can be scary cause it's so wonderful and magnificient and magical. But she helps you remove all the residues, all the blocks that are you in your way to become the best version of who you are.

A. M. - UAE

Mais has expertise in multiple methods to improve one's personal development. Apart from working on my strengths and weaknesses, she also helped me introspect and clear my limiting and conflicting beliefs, which often prevents our personal and professional growth. She brings a holistic approach and the experience has just been phenomenal.

D. P. - UAE

Working with Mais has been extremely eye opening and inspiring. She guided me through the sessions with lots of grace and warmth and helped me figure out how to use my strengths to my advantage and follow my passion, while also helping me believe in myself and helping me see parts of myself that I would’ve considered weaknesses, as my strengths. She has a knack for gently provoking you in the right direction and helping you find the answers within yourself, without being overbearing. The sessions with Mais have given me an incredible amount of confidence, optimism and clear sense of direction in my career. She has also offered a safe space for me to confide my thoughts in and to truly explore myself without the fear of being judged for it.

A. D. - UAE

When I started the coaching sessions with Coach Mais I was so depressed, but she helped me get through that stage of my life. She walked by my side, helping me discover my inner self and see things and connections that I didn’t know I already had and to use those connections to serve myself and others.

C. C. - UAE

She pays attention to detail, she has a high level of initiative, and above all - integrity. A true lady, with her own style, a different tone of communication, trustworthy with deep conversations, non-judgmental with suggestions, she positively welcomes any complexity. Above all, are her abilities to make you listen and speak out freely.

N. A. - UAE

The journey to discovering my own strengths was fulfilling and empowering. Mais asked me right questions that led me to uncover my strengths and overcome my weaknesses with ease. She listens carefully and always give me helpful insights, ideas and questions to ponder.

J. M. - UAE

For a very long time I pictured myself as damaged. I had no space for happiness and felt like the whole world was against me. Mais helped me understand, accept and love myself for who I am. She guided me to see myself and the things around me from a different angle and notice all the things I was missing. Working with Mais has made me stronger, I feel better and most importantly, I love myself again!

S. I. - UAE

I was at my lowest point when I was introduced to Mais. Since then even people around me felt my shift. These sessions taught me to start changes from within that’s where the magic of love, peace and harmony spread all around. I overcame my fears, changed my way of thinking and developed a habit to show more gratitude and acknowledgment towards everyone and myself as well, I see positivity in a worst situation and face it with confidence and trust that I have the support I need each step I take. The most important change is the way I started to deal with my kids. The shift within is a journey that needed daily practise and implementation of what’s discussed in the sessions. About Mais, no words can describe what a pure soul she has. Helpful in each stage, polite and obviously very practical. You go to her and it’s a protected place and you’re not judged for anything. A comfortable place. As I completed my sessions, I try to walk with all the learnings which I have from Mais. She does an amazing work and lets us see a new world with a new perspective.

R. U. - UAE

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