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Today, many of us recognise that our everyday life no longer serves us and we are looking to create our own ‘new normal’ that is fully aligned with who we are.

That’s easier said than done!


We are so distracted with what's going on around us that we often lose touch with what’s 'within' us. Taking time out to invest in ourselves is the first step in creating a future that fulfils our heart’s desires and our life's purpose.

We created PLAY to help you find new direction and clarity in areas of Passion, Love, Abundance and creating a YES! attitude to life. Through this webinar, you will get introduced on ways to connect with the core of who you are to bring you insights into what you really want and what you can do to get there.

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Spending over ten years on self-discovery, working with the best practices, tools and thought leaders to discover how to unlock the human potential, Beate decided to leave the corporate world to follow her passion. She now applies her experience to help individuals follow their path, actualise their aspired success and become more effective in their personal & professional lives, through focusing on personal vision, strengths and limiting self-sabotage. Beate offers fresh perspectives and invites her clients to engage in a different way of thinking, establishing new neural pathways in their brain to create long-lasting mindset change. She has also developed the ‘Fall Forward Formula’ to help her clients not just bounce back from adversity but thrive in midst of uncertainty. 

Beate is an accredited Insights Discovery practitioner, PSYCH-K facilitator and qualified Resilience Coach. She is trained in the Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), Rapid Results coaching as well as the Inside-Out paradigm. 

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Mais Alhasan is a Transformational Coach with over a decade of coaching experience. She employs a range of skillset, acquired by constantly learning and unlearning techniques that help her understand and facilitate shifting the habits of the human mind, create the conditions for mental health and emotional stamina leading to unlocking the client’s power to its full potential. She has developed the fine art of delving in the undercurrents and pulling her clients into unchartered territories. Her powerful intuition blended with her ability to shift perspective allows clients to overcome their fears and preconditioned mind to successfully craft and bring new ideas to light.


A Professional Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation, Mais is also a Psych-K Master Facilitator, Per-K Catalyst, Certified People Acuity Specialist & Guide, Strengths Strategy Coach, Certified Public Speaking Coach and Insights Discovery Licensed Practitioner.