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The Catalyst Attitude #5: Excellence


At the Culture Catalyst Program©, we define Excellence as “Bringing the Dynamic-Self, Moment to Moment”.

Catalysts do make that choice; their life is guided by their own mindful decisions and thoughtful actions constantly and consistently. It happens that we slip once and hell breaks loose, this is an indicator of the importance of being consistent throughout time. One little thing can have a huge impact, positive or negative. Little things do matter, because as Van Gogh said “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”; and those small things, for Catalysts, line up in one direction of their choice. With this level of alignment and clarity, courage in action becomes easy, like the next logical thing, effortless and peaceful.

Three traits that stand apart in a Catalyst at Excellence:

  1. Their self-worth is anchored in responsiveness to change. Self-worth that comes from the ability to handle and create from anything that life throws at them; and independent of titles, status, or possessions.

  2. Their direction is inspired by the Big Picture Personal Canvas©. Approaching each day at work / home as a smaller version of life. This is not about having a plan on paper alone, but something that is a living, dynamic, adaptable Picture that falls into shape each day.

  3. They demonstrate courage in action. The courage to move in the direction of their vision of the Big Picture Personal Canvas©, where tomorrow in itself was not governed or dictated by the challenges and problems of today, but by what it could become with persistence. This last one – courage in action is a Pivotal Trait. Plans that don’t get into action are just that -plans. Moving oneself and taking timely action needs courage to get the wheels rolling.

Prof. Mohammed Yunus, who founded Grameen Bank; and Dan Price the CEO of Gravity Payments, are some of the living examples of people who demonstrate all three traits. They are Excellence in action. They had a vision of tomorrow that was beyond their own needs and comfort and started their work from there, backwards. Prof. Yunus and Dan Price wanted to help improve the quality of people’s lives at their own level of impact and influence. One went on to set-up a bank (Grameen Bank) that eventually touched many people’s lives. Dan Price took the bold decision to cut his own perks and salary to have all his employees take a minimum of $70K salary. Were they ridiculed? Absolutely. Publicly, with threats and mockery.

Did they give up? Well, they persisted and faced the effects of time and change. In fact, they demonstrate all Five Attitudes in action – Responsibility, Proactivity, Interdependence, Influence and Excellence. Consistently and sustainably.

Maybe you have people around you who do that consistently. Maybe you are one too.

If you are consumed in the process of living, what is the point? Excellence needs of you to be a Catalyst, not a reactant or an accelerator.

Do you approach “Excellence” as a Catalyst? For that matter, are you a Catalyst?

Click here to find out.

Our flagship Learning Experience, the Culture Catalyst Program© (CCP), based on two decades of Organizational Behaviour can help you and your Organization transform and deliver long lasting results. There is no quick fix. There is however a method, a process that increases the probability of lasting success.

While the program is strongly recommended for C-suites and Upper Management folks, it is equally relevant for current, emerging, future leaders and high potential employees. The details are on our website - Contact us today.


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