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The Five Attitudes of the Catalyst

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The Culture Catalyst Program© is based on observations from studying people from all walks of life for close to three decades. There are a specific bunch of people we refer to as “sorted”. What made them so?

From the moment they realized that they could make changes within themselves, no matter how slow and how tiny the result was going to be, they took ownership first of themselves (1. Responsibility) and that was the beginning. They rewrote the narrative inside their heads (as powerful as re-writing beliefs), moved to take action and didn’t need to be told or reminded (2. Proactivity). They worked with those around them balancing the sharing and receiving with harmony and respect (3. Interdependence). They were gentle and decent with people around by choice (4. Influence). Lastly, they set standards of themselves and used that definition to decide what they needed to think, feel, and do, to stay true to their own standards (5. Excellence). They stayed consistent, one day at a time. Sliding back three steps sometimes, but taking one step forward anyway. They produced outrageously good results for themselves and the people around them.

Do those Five Attitudes listed above sound familiar? That’s how basic these five are; They sit below skills and talents. And are foundational, sublime, and pervasive in impact. Almost magnetic in their effects. We noticed that each Attitude was “Catalytic” in itself. It accelerated or decelerated the outcomes depending on the level it was present (the Proficiency Level as we call it) in the individual.

Think back to the time one was learning how to drive a car. It was complicated and frustrating with a lot to remember and coordinate. With time and practice we gain proficiency and confidence to drive. We practiced in empty roads or dedicated safe learning spaces before we attempted busy streets and highways. That was common-sensical to do. We learned soon that we had no control on how other folks drove their cars but we could sort ourselves, follow traffic rules, drive responsibly and hold our own. When it was time to formally take it public, we got a license to drive in public spaces. It was required by law but seriously, it also meant at some level that when one drove around a thousand kilograms of metal at a certain speed, we took Responsibility of how we handled ourselves and our vehicle, we Proactively followed traffic rules and signals, mindful of others who used those public streets, slowing down when needed and speeding up where needed (Interdependence), were aware of how our own driving style affected others and paid attention to their safety and well-being as much as our own (Influence) and lastly drive sensibly so we came back home safe and sound while keeping others on the road safe and doing this consistently, sustainably (Excellence). The assumption is also that when we do something that compromises the ability to drive responsibly, we don’t drive that vehicle for the duration we remain compromised. Remember that rule – don’t drink and drive. Something along those lines. Navigating the world around us is sometimes similar in analogy. You will notice how people still drink and drive, do something stupid and argue about it, break traffic rules and expect to be let off etc… similar to what happens at home or at work or with friends. Will skillful driving keep you safe from the poor driving skills of others? To a certain extent yes and they call it defensive driving. Using this analogy, being solid on the Five Attitudes provides for a strong foundation to navigate the certainties and uncertainties of living in a society and with others. It prepares the individual and provides the resilience and guidance needed to navigate and minimize the corrosive effects that sometimes accompany social structures. The Five Attitudes are relevant at all levels and roles of the organization. The more the authority and impact of the role, the greater their significance.

How do you fare on the Five Attitudes of the Catalyst?

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