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The Fourth Attribute

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Catalysts Adapt from within.

What does it mean to “Adapt from within”?

Here is what we discovered about the Catalysts.

What we realized is that whether it was interacting with colleagues, peers, or complete strangers, whether we are at school, at the workplace, the supermarket, the bank, the restaurant, or the place of worship we visited… etc; we realized that the people who eventually made us smile, invoked confidence or reassurance and hope, the ones we enjoyed serving with, the ones we wanted to do business with, were the ones who powered through life despite all the stuff that happened, including personal tragedies and trauma and physical limitations - all of them had a narrative that they chose and it helped them propel forward. This narrative stayed consistent and was independent of circumstance.

This specific “build” gave them the unique ability to transform themselves, those around them and it was so easy to work with them, or be with them, or serve with them. They made life outside of “me” worth my time and energy. This build is explored at our workshops in practical detail.

So, they were not built to last, they were built to Adapt and this somehow, made them last longer… sounds weird? The ability to last was a side effect of that ability to Adapt quickly.

I am not talking about adaptation in the chameleon kind of way, am talking about the adaptation that came from being Sorted within, being Un-attached from within and staying Consistent.

That was Attribute #4: Catalysts “Adapt” from Within.

Do you “Adapt” from within?

Our flagship Learning Experience, the Culture Catalyst Program© (CCP), based on two decades of Organizational Behaviour can help you and your Organization transform and deliver long lasting results. There is no quick fix. There is however a method, a process that increases the probability of lasting success.

While the program is strongly recommended for C-suites and Upper Management folks, it is equally relevant for current, emerging, future leaders and high potential employees. The details are on our website - Contact us today.


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